About Me!

I am a full-stack web developer and a GIS analyst. I have been working with GIS, web development and Linux for the past 5 years. I have worked with various technologies like React, Next, Ruby on Rails, Gatsby, Mapbox, Leaflet, QGIS, PostGIS and many more. I have also worked with various programming languages like Python, JavaScript, C, C++, Java, PHP, SQL, etc. I have also worked with various databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, SQLite, etc.

I have done my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Addis Ababa University in 2018 G.C and I'm currently pursuing my Master of Science Degree in Data and Web Engineering from the same university.

I have had the privilege of working with government institutions, startups, outsourcing companies, NGOs and private companies. Some of the companies I have worked with include

Addis Ababa UniversityWorld Resources InstituteExcellerent SolutionsIntegeration ConsultantHiLCoE School of Computer Science and TechnologyMed InnovationsDevCrewCode Blue Computer ServicesEthiopian AirlinesTeknika CorpSoftpositiveUpwork


I am Rabra Hierpa, a Software Engineer, GIS Developer, and FOSS enthusiast!




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